Indie Birth Midwifery Skills Workshop

Friday October 6th, 2017 to Sunday October 8th 2017

Please Note: Attendance Is Limited To 10 People

Join us in Sedona for a 3 day immersion in intermediate/advanced midwifery skills with a focus on hands on practice whenever possible (plus plenty of conversation!).

We have put together an intense three days of learning for student midwives (midwives are certainly welcome too of course!) that we consider to be the foundational learning for anyone apprenticing as a midwife.

We not only want you to leave feeling more confident, with the tools you need to continue on your midwifery path, but opened to the deeper WHYs that guide you as a birthkeeper, and as a human.

You'll get the Indie Birth version of these skills and techniques: with the unique blend of the scientific and the sacred, a good dash of common sense, and a whole ton of discerning reflection + personal transformation.

This is a different experience than skills workshops focused SOLELY on skills for the sake of NARM/CPM testing, etc. This is a penetrating weekend of exploring yourself, and why you are in birth in the first place. The results are...amazing! But fair warning if you are wanting to avoid intensity OR growth.



Vitals, palpation, prenatal FHTs, fundal height, urinalysis with urine sticks, and nutritional assessment, assessing labor progress, vaginal exams, FHTs (fetoscope, doppler, FHT tool forms, category handouts)


Assessing and helping mom in labor, food, hydration, urine sticks, vitals, vaginal/cervical exams, mechanisms of normal birth, breech skills, shoulder dystocia


Newborn resuscitation, venipuncture/IV, PPH, shock, miscarriage management, and estimated blood loss, assessing tears, placenta exam, collecting cord blood and using eldon cards, newborn exam

Special Notes 

Kids : Due to the intense learning and growing nature, we do not allow babies or children or older kids in the room during the skills workshop OTHER THAN nursing babies that need to be brought in by someone else for nursing breaks. We cannot have the noise and distraction that comes with babies in the room. Yes, this may seem harsh but people come to learn and focus during the short time we have. If you cannot bring someone to help with your nursing baby, then we ask you to wait until your baby is less dependent and you are in a more defined place of focus and learning. We offer this workshop at least twice a year. Thank you for respecting this need!

*We will provide a certificate of completion for attendees and will be happy to discuss what you've learned with future or current preceptors if so desired. This workshop is also a requirement for students of the Indie Birth Midwifery School.

**All registrants will be required to become Members of the Indie Birth Association, a Private Membership Association. Membership fee is included with your registration.


In an effort to call in the perfect fit of folks who are meant to join us in this intimate setting, we ask you to sit down and take the time to reflect on the following questions prior to registering:

Am I truly ready to challenge + explore what I think I know, not only about birth, but also about myself? When was the last time I challenged myself in this way? What was difficult for me, and how did I move through that?

How do I interact with the “unknown” in life and birth? Am I comfortable with getting uncomfortable? How do I confront fears that come up, in my mind, emotions, and body? Am I prepared to own those fears and move through them, even in unexpected moments?

Am I ready to speak + listen candidly regarding the sacred dance with death that is inherently entwined with birth, and to examine how my core beliefs around this dance affect both my practice and my experience of life in general?

Do I view birth + learning as spiritual growth processes in addition to being simple, intellectual “skills”? Do I engage my entire BEING in these processes…mind, body, soul, intuition…rather than exclusively the intellect?

In looking over the list of skills we will be discussing + practicing on each other during workshop, are there any in particular that would “trigger” any deeper issues within me personally (ex. Vaginal exams, miscarriage, etc.)? Am I prepared to dive fully into these issues? Do I have the self-care tools and healthy coping/healing mechanisms in place to move through a triggering experience in a powerful way, within our supportive container?

And finally…For those of these questions I have NOT answered with a “hard YES,” am I deeply, authentically willing + yearning to move in that direction, with the support of my fellow birthkeepers? If by answering these questions you find yourself not yet ready to attend this workshop for any reason, we ask you to honor your current personal boundaries, and know that you are lovingly supported in that decision. As humans we cannot control the rate of our own healing + awakening, but we can surely respect it.

Registration Fee is $500