Indie Birth Midwifery Skills Workshop

Indie Birth Midwifery Skills Workshop


Friday October 6th, 2017 to Sunday October 8th 2017

Please Note: Attendance Is Limited To 10 People

Join us in Sedona for a 3 day immersion in intermediate/advanced midwifery skills with a focus on hands on practice whenever possible (plus plenty of conversation!).

We have put together an intense three days of learning for student midwives (midwives are certainly welcome too of course!) that we consider to be the foundational learning for anyone apprenticing as a midwife.

We want you to leave feeling more confident, with the tools you need to continue on your midwifery path. You'll get the Indie Birth version of these skills and techniques, with the unique blend of the scientific and the sacred, with a good dash of common sense.



Vitals, palpation, prenatal FHTs, fundal height, urinalysis with urine sticks, and nutritional assessment, assessing labor progress, vaginal exams, FHTs (fetoscope, doppler, FHT tool forms, category handouts),


Assessing and helping mom in labor, food, hydration, urine sticks, vitals, mechanisms of normal birth, newborn resuscitation, and breech skills,


Venipuncture/IV, PPH, shock, miscarriage, and estimated blood loss Assessing tears, shoulder dystocia, placenta exam, postpartum assessment, cord blood and eldon card, newborn exam



Maryn Green

Maryn founded the Indie Birth Association in 2007. She began her journey in birth with her first child's planned hospital birth is 2002. Disillusioned, she hired a midwife and had a homebirth with her second child, a son, and the rest is history. Maryn began a midwifery apprenticeship in Chicago when her son was only 4 months old, and continued learning in this ancient tradition for over 5 years. Her apprenticeship brought her to Arizona with her family in 2007, and she went on to become a state licensed midwife from 2009-12. During that period, Maryn discovered the truth about midwifery and birth that is "owned" by the State, and returned her license so that she could truly serve mamas, babies and her own Heart and Soul. During this time, Indie Birth evolved to become an internationally well-known resource for women and midwives seeking information, research and intuitive guidance and support that has remained mainly in the hands of traditional midwives or "birth servants".


Margo Blackstone
Traditional Birth Attendant

Margo joined the Indie Birth team as an apprentice in 2011. Her academic background is in Women's and Gender Studies so she brings a political and sociological interest to her midwifery work. She has an unwavering desire to dig beyond the surface, and leaves no stone left unturned in her research. She also enjoys turning that research into smart and comprehensive resources for parents and other birth workers. Despite being very excited about academic, quantitative research, she also values traditional ways of knowing, and loves learning from experienced midwives. Her dream is to blend these worlds together synergistically, so women and their midwives can work on both the intuitive and scientific levels, taking back the power to use technology in empowering and appropriate ways, having the freedom to reject the use of any and all technology and intervention, and blazing a fierce new path for postmodern maternity, motherhood, and midwifery.

Registration Fee is $500

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Applications for Scholarships for November 2016 are NO LONGER Being Accepted

Special Note About Kids

Due to the intense learning and growing nature, we do not allow babies or children or older kids in the room during the skills workshop OTHER THAN nursing babies that need to be brought in by someone else for nursing breaks. We cannot have the noise and distraction that comes with babies in the room. Yes, this may seem harsh but people come to learn and focus during the short time we have. If you cannot bring someone to help with your nursing baby, then we ask you to wait until your baby is less dependent and you are in a more defined place of focus and learning. We offer this workshop at least twice a year. Thank you for respecting this need!

*This is a different experience than skills workshop focused SOLELY on skills for the sake of NARM, CPM testing, etc. We want to invite women that are ready to be challenged; ready to explore what they think they know with the unknown; who see birth and learning as spiritual growth processes as well as simple, intellectual "skills". This is an intense 4 days of exploring yourself, and why you are in birth in the first place. The results are...amazing! But fair warning if you are wanting to avoid intensity OR growth.

*We will provide a certificate of completion for attendees and will be happy to discuss what you've learned with future or current preceptors if so desired. This will also be a requirement of any future Indie Birth Midwifery School

**Due to the nature of these skills, and practicing them, we will be practicing on each other. If there are skills you don't want to participate in, please let us know at the time of registration. We will try our best to be sensitive to everyone's needs! If you aren't willing to be practiced on, you will not get to practice that skill unless someone volunteers to go a second time 🙂

**All registrants will be required to become Members of the Indie Birth Association, a Private Membership Association. Membership fee is included with your registration.