What the (*&@ Do All Those Numbers Mean? A Crash Course in What "They" Are Measuring and Why During Your Prenatal Care - Taking Back Birth Episode 5

In this episode of Taking Back Birth, I explain what information is typically collected during a prenatal and why. This understanding will help you make the right decisions for you!

Here are just a few of the things I discuss...

  • Why you MUST understand what's being "measured" and why.
  • What numbers during your prenatal visit don't mean anything, and which ones might.
  • What is the POINT of listening to your baby's heartbeat?
  • The real truth on blood pressure and what it can tell you in pregnancy.

Just press PLAY below to listen.

To download the transcription of this podcast, click here.

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  • noncomplyintz

    Oh wow.  So totally true.  So frequently I will ask a friend about her diagnosis, such as anemia.  She will have NO idea what numbers were or what was even being measured!  Just told to take iron.  "You should not be the last to know and get your information"...yes!

  • indiebirth

    noncomplyintz -yes!  And stay tuned for next week's episode on actual lab work in the first trimester.  Thanks for your support and for listening!