The 90 Minute Guide to Having a Waterbirth

The 90 Minute Guide to Having a Waterbirth

A Single Waterbirth Could Change Your Life!

If you've never had a water birth but want one, then this page could very well change your life.

If you have had a water birth, then you already know just how powerful they can be. But if you're like me, perhaps you didn't have all of the information you needed and something during your birth wasn't as smooth as it could have been.

That's why I created The 90 Minute Guide to Having a Waterbirth.

I'll tell you more about it in just a minute, but first, there are some things that I should tell you.

I have personally birthed 3 of my babies in water and witnessed hundreds more. My first birth in water provided a number of lessons...

First, it proved to me that having a water birth isn't rocket science. Even so, there are things to know and keep in mind. My son was born into a pool of water that was way too hot (God bless my clueless husband... my strongest memory of that first water birth is of him literally running across the street to the store, buying ice, and then throwing it as fast as he could into the pool... the midwife wasn't there, and baby was coming!).

Although everything worked out in the end, the hot water stunned my baby a bit, and led to a mild postpartum hemorrhage on my part. Clearly, we were missing some important details...

With my next baby, I actually had time to labor in the water. I still can't believe that the simple act of getting in the water dulled the contractions... enough for me to notice. I loved being able to allow my body to push in every conceivable position, and my sweet daughter was born into her father's hands.

Since That First Water Birth 9 Years Ago, I've Seen Hundred More and All Kinds of Variations

And I'd like to share what I've learned with you. So that you can have the water birth that you are dreaming of.

The more information you have, the more easily you can make the right decisions for you.

Without the right information, crazy things can happen...

I've seen pools that are too big (we laughed at that one, all of us!), water levels that aren't high enough, faucet adapters that don't fit, a dad who blew up the entire pool by mouth, pools that need refilling, pools that have sprung a leak, mamas that labor but not birth in the water, mamas that birth and don't labor, women that birth the placenta in the pool, those that don't.

I've seen the water relax a woman that could find solace and rest nowhere else. I have seen preterm babies born in water, babies past their "date," lots of babies with cord, small babies, big babies and also a breech in water.

I believe that the water is a perfect place for most babies to be born, and that is up to the mama what she chooses. I also believe that the pool can be a perfect place for labor and may not be the right place for every woman to birth.

And that's why I created That's why I created The 90 Minute Guide to Having a Waterbirth.

I want to share the information I have with you so that you can better prepare for your water birth.

Here are just a few of the things you'll discover:

  • How is waterbirth "different" than land birth...
  • Why would one choose a waterbirth and how to know if it's the right decision for you.
  • When NOT to choose a waterbirth.
  • The waterbirth "APGAR" score for baby.
  • Why the temperature of the water might matter.
  • Myths about waterbirth.
  • How to know when to fill up the pool so you aren't left with a big pool of stone cold water.
  • All the supplies you need to have a water birth and more.

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