The Protective Benefits of Morning Sickness (And Other Theories)

In this episode of Taking Back Birth, I talk about some of the research available to help explain morning sickness.

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  • Leasel

    This podcast was really interesting to me I haven't heard about these studies and theories...during my last pregnancy I came to my own conclusion that morning sickness Generally is related to nutrition... I think the thing that is most challenging is like all these studies have their theories I don't think there is one type of diet that's right each body and each pregnancy are different and may need different things. Figuring out what you need and getting it before the nausea hits I believe is key but also very challenging! One thing I recently learned about that may affect a lot of woman is the mthfr mutation (your body can't process synthetic folate and some other vitamins I believe)... I think that goes back to nutrition as well. 2 things I think every pregnant woman needs though and that have helped me are lots of good proteins and healthy fats... I like dr mercolas whey protien, coconut oil grass fed butter high quality olive oil things like that. Thanks for some new insights and theories!