"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making strong, mothers- strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength."- Barbara Katz-Rothman

Before I met Maryn and Margo I was in the 11th hour of my pregnancy so to speak. I was 38 weeks along and I felt lost and I had no idea what was going to happen at the my birth. As soon as they stepped in I immediately felt like I had found my plan and my birth tribe. My baby was breech and I decided I did not want to have a cesarean, Maryn supported my choice as a mother first and foremost. During my breech birth they helped me feel completely empowered to lead the process how I wanted it to go. I honestly have not one thing to say about them that isn’t overwhelmingly positive. After the birth I felt like I could count on them for everything I needed from advice and honest answers to serious questions, to emotional support, to just hanging out and laughing. I could never find the worlds to recommend then enough, they quite literally changed my life and the life of my baby and I couldn’t be more thankful.

-Melissa, Member

Oh, how grateful and blessed we are to have Maryn and Margo on our birth team, and living in the same neighborhood! They walked to our house for prenatals, just like old times. So great. But that's not the only point that makes them so amazing. In today's society, the birth options for a woman who wants to have an undisturbed, natural, "Indie Birth" are sort of limited. Hospitals, busy overscheduled midwives and aggreesive interventions that are "routines". No, no, no. We knew what we wanted from the very beginning. We started looking at options, and OMG what a headache it was! Few midwives that we interviewed (and even worked with) wouldn't agree with me on the most important thing: UNDISTURBED BIRTH. The definition of this word in birth apparently varies from person to person. "Of course, I'm very hands-off. I just have to check you every hour or so in labor" is what we heard a lot of. Um...that's not my definition of undisturbed. Anyway, I studied midwifery a little bit with the Matrona program. I knew that I would birth at my own house. I knew that I didn't want to be touched, talked to or have my dilation "checked". No way! Working with Maryn on prenatals was amazing. She just gets it; she knew exactly what I wanted and how to support me. So we didn't have to talk about birth plans. Instead, every visit, we chatted and strengthened our trust and friendship.

My baby Opal decided to take her time. She was 17 days "past due". Around 14 days past, I was convinced that I would be pregnant forever. I heard many women telling me to do this or that and to induce, and I started to doubt myself. Maryn and Margo were amazing. They supported me to find my center and regain trust in my body. They did not rush or pressure me. My labor then started and progressed very quickly. I got carried away birthing, but Maryn and Margo didn't pressure, instead they stealthily came to my house and cleaned while I locked myself in the bathroom doing my birth business. They didn't check my dilation, the baby's heartrate or blood pressure at any point in my labor. I was fully undisturbed and birthed freely. A few minutes before my daughter's birth, Maryn knocked on the door and said, "hey it's been a while...should we have a listen to the baby?". I told her that the head was about to be born. Margo very quickly went to get my husband and we all birthed together!

We got everything we wanted for our birth. Truly thanks to Maryn and Margo for trusting us, trusting me to trust his body, and birth. We are all so fortunate to have birthkeepers like Maryn and Margo around. We love you guys!

-Julian, Nori and Opal

I first learned of Maryn and Indie Birth while searching for a "midwife" that would support my VBAC after a special scar c section. I wish I had discovered Indie Birth with my first pregnancy! There is so much information available. The time Maryn and Margo have put into educating through podcast and articles is great. The 5 session birth class was more informative of things that are truly important for pregnancy and birth than I had experienced at a birth center.

My experience with Maryn and Margo as a support team was what I wanted before I even truly understood that's what I wanted. They valued my desire for an undisturbed birth while understanding my VBAC concerns. I learned to trust my instincts and believe in my body's ability to heal. The most valued support, the things I still think about first, through my labor was not physical support by either of these women but the understanding. The great understanding of what I was feeling right then and giving it the positive light it deserved. They also gave my husband and I space when the baby was born. My husband and I caught our daughter and were the only ones to hold her. They helped me to our bed from the pool and I cuddled my baby.

I am so thankful for these two women, their stories and their knowledge. Through Indie Birth I learned of a birth I thought I knew but had no clue.

-Jacque, Member

Attending these classes("How to Have an Indie Birth") gave me the information I needed and helped me to find the wisdom and courage inside myself to help my baby come peacefully and perfectly into the world. I wish every woman could take these classes! Maryn and Margo are informed, compassionate and empowering and will help you to be the same around birth!

-Corina, Member

I had "tea" on the phone with Maryn a week before my planned home birth with my second baby, after discovering and listening to all her Indie Birth podcasts in the weeks prior. Despite lots of preparation, I was full of self-doubt after my difficult first birth, and needed reassurance that I could do this. Talking with Maryn was wonderful. She was so kind, understanding, and open, it was just like chatting with an old friend. She seemed to genuinely care about me and gave me great, wise advice, and helped me boost my confidence. I thought about what she told me up until and through my labor, and went on to have an amazing experience birthing my baby at home without fear or anxiety. Talking with her was just what I needed before my baby came. Thank you so much, Maryn, for your podcast, sharing your time with moms, and all of your service to women.

- Patricia S., Member

I am so incredibly grateful to have had Maryn and Margo present with me along my journey to becoming a mother. Our prenatal visits were so nice and intimate; we would meet at my place or at Margo’s and simply talk about what was going on with me and my baby, emotionally physically and spiritually. Maryn would always ask before touching my belly and would greet my baby as well which made me feel respected on a deep soul level and not at all like a “patient.” Maryn helped me to feel confident in my own knowingness about my body and my baby. Having Maryn and Margo present at my birth was exactly what I needed. They both held a strong sacred space, helped to keep me hydrated during my (long) labor, and allowed me enough space to feel safe and unwatched. Maryn helped me reach into the very core of my being to find the strength I needed to bring my babe into this world by simply shining the light of her truth and trust in birth. I feel that I would have been coerced into a C-section had I been in a hospital setting as my labor was very long and did not progress “normally.” I was born C-section and harbored a fear that this would happen to me as well that didn’t really surface until my labor began. Instead I was able to face my deepest fear and birth my beautiful babe at home on my bathroom floor! I am also grateful to Margo for preparing my placenta medicine, which helped me so much in my postpartum healing. After my empowering experience I aspire to give birth to my next babe (whenever that may be) on my own, hopefully with the support of Maryn!


Hi Maryn,
I recently came across your website and then I started listening to your podcasts. Oh my gosh, I don't even know how to put into words how much it affected me, and is still affecting me. I am a NICU nurse but knew even before I had kids that I wanted to have a birth that was completely free of medical interventions. When I became pregnant I knew no one that had even had a natural birth, but I was determined to try. I found a freestanding birth center with midwives and had an amazing first birth there. I faced a lot of criticism for going that route but I was so so glad I did. The second time that I gave birth, just 16 months later, I went back to the same midwife and I think I was expecting a repeat of the first time around. I had a really hard time during that labor, even though it went smoothly, and I left the birth feeling dissatisfied about the experience for some reason. I just couldn't put my finger on it. It wasn't until I started listening to your podcasts that I realized how much I was really looking to the outside, to my midwife for reassurance and asking permission for things. Wow, that was so eye opening. My husband and I have recently decided that we do want more kids, and I am just so grateful to have my eyes opened about this before I am pregnant again. It is so important to me to go through this childbearing and birthing journey in a positive way and have it change me and my whole family for the better. It know that it is a process and it is something I think about every day. I just wanted to let you know how much this information is needed for women. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to do this, it means so much to me and I am sure so many other women out there. I am planning on taking your birth course when I am pregnant with our next child!

-Megann, Member

I am HONORED to recommend and share Maryn Green and Margo Blackstone's Indie Birth 5 Week Class~ in person in Sedona! I attended the last series and it changed me in a very deep way. The pure empowered transmission from Maryn and Margo is a gift. They share scientific and intuitive confidence and vulnerability on every subject surrounding birth, baby and mother. I believe that the wisdom of the "Indie Birth" platform is one of the TOP conglomerations of female remembrance (information and frequency) of birth and motherhood in the world.
How we come into this world is beyond significant!! I spent years re-patterning my birth challenges...... Sitting in this sacred space with a group of mothers, new babies and women was revitalizing to my soul.
Their offering with this class is a tribal treasure of safety and nurturing that every baby, girl and woman is entitled to experience.
Much love and gratitude for their courageous nature to re-wild women to their infinite power Creators....
PS After taking the class I feel fully confident in birthing my baby (when the time comes), naturally and unassisted. Pa-POW!
PPS If you don't live in Sedona, I recommend taking one of their online classes!

-Bridget, Member

I'm amazed now, that I let a "little thing" like lack of ideal choices for birth attendants have so much an impact on our decision to grow our family. Eventually my desire to have another baby turned stronger than any logical reasoning and we conceived, planning to figure out the details later. I was so fortunate to work with Maryn during my first pregnancy and learned so much about self-care, prenatal nutrition, and trusting my instincts that I made the choice to spend the first part of my pregnancy "unattended." My husband was a little unsettled, concerned that I was missing out on essential care and testing by not seeing a practitioner. Maryn was there for us, willing to offer support long distance through email, phone, and Skype. Having her support made all the difference! What I needed was that relationship...that reassurance that I was taking excellent care of myself. Also having Maryn look over my food journal helped to reassure that I was indeed getting adequate nutrition for a healthy baby and pregnancy. When I did start seeing a medical practitioner I had the confidence in my prenatal plan to selectively receive and decline that which felt appropriate. Now, near the end of my pregnancy I have been so glad to hear Indie Birth's podcasts! What an amazing resource especially for families in situations like ours as well as women seeing traditional practitioners who are undoubtedly with questions left unanswered. Thank You Maryn & Indie Birth for your gift of unending support to mama's everywhere!!

-Crystal, Alaska

An experienced birth attendant, supportive of unassisted birth is rare, but can be truly priceless if you are planning to freebirth. Maryn has worked through her birth issues to get to a place where she totally and completely trusts birth and can whole heartedly support unassisted birth and the families who choose them.

I recently freebirthed (my 3rd baby, and 2nd homebirth) and Maryn provided phone support throughout my unassisted pregnancy, as well as being available to us during labor and birth if needed. While we totally and completely trusted birth, my body and my baby, we do live in a culture where the truth of birth is not easily known anymore. Ideally, I would have grown up around birth and just instinctively known birth, but that was not the case. There is a lot of information online, but the opinions on every topic range all across the spectrum so it's hard to find the real truth. I found talking with someone, like Maryn, who has attended the births of many healthy mamas about what she has seen and experienced to be very helpful. For example, I had concerns about tearing. I tore with my first 2, and was concerned I might tear again, and with no local midwife or urgent care where I live, a trip to the ER would be my only option for repair since I didn't have an OB. Maryn shared with me what she had noticed with tears in the mamas she has served and I finally understood why I tore with my first 2 (extreme pushing) and that I most likely wouldn't tear with this one (I didn't push and I didn't tear!). I am a planner, so it was nice to be able to discuss with her variations of normal birth (things the medical community would call complications) and what we could handle at home and how, so we could be more prepared.

I'm sure we would've managed just fine through our pregnancy, labor and birth without Maryn, but it was really nice to have a supportive, encouraging friend the whole time - and if you are planning an unassisted birth you know how hard that is to find!

-Jennifer, Florida

I moved to Sedona almost 5 months into my pregnancy, I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to have the birthing experience I truly wanted. Peaceful, at home, and all natural. I found Maryn after doing a search online and decided to meet up with her to see if we were on the same page. I was amazed at her take on birth, she was so empowering, exactly what I wanted. Maryn never once made me feel like birth was something my body or mind wasn't prepared for. She reinforced the confidence I already had in myself and my womanly instincts, and for that I am immensely greatful. I always enjoyed our check-ups and loved that she had a special and not commonly found view of birth as being a sacred event, one that is natural, life changing and empowering (rather than a medical emergency). I was able to have my dream birth at home, in water, in a peaceful environment. Maryn was so wonderful and supportive, and although I knew I didn't "need" her to be there I was thankful to have such a wise and strong woman present.

-Dyani, Sedona

During my first trimester of pregnancy, my husband and I decided to move back to Sedona from Denver. I was excited about moving back so I could be close to my family, but I was anxious about having to find a new doctor to finish out my pregnancy with. When I was pregnant with my first child, my daughter Kenzie, I initially wanted to have a homebirth, but after finding an obstetrician I really liked, I ended up having her in the hospital.
Knowing I was moving back to Sedona, I started to think about having a homebirth again. I did some research on the internet and found Maryn and a couple other midwives practicing in the area. The next day I had two random people reccommend Maryn to me and I hadn't even mentioned the fact that I wanted to birth at home. At that moment, I believed that it wasn't a coincidence that Maryn's name was popping up everywhere. I was supposed to meet Maryn and have my baby in my hometown of Sedona.
I contacted Maryn once we got moved in and was ecstatic to have her be my birth attendant. Maryn and her apprentice Margo met my every need throughout my pregnancy. They provided with much more comprehensive care than my previous doctor. Instead of just telling me what I needed to do and running tests, they educated me. They provided me with all the information I wanted concerning the tests and never once told me what I had to do. I was very empowered throughout my pregnancy which reassured my strength in my ability to birth at home naturally.
I ended up having my son, Zeus, on August 13th, 2011 in my living room. I had a peaceful, natural waterbirth and it was everything I wanted. I owe many, many thanks to Maryn and Margo. Their support and wisdom truly helped me own my labor and delivery. Their love and care created a peaceful environment for my newborn son to come into. There was no poking or prodding or shots... just mama, baby, and family. I could go on forever about all the knowledge they shared with me and about how grateful I am to have found Maryn, but I won't.
However the main thing I learned from Maryn that I will be forever grateful for is the fact that birthing can be beautiful, calm, and peaceful. Babies do not have to be born in hospitals, birth is not a high risk event, and women do not have to be told how, when, and where to birth their babies. I just wish this valuable information could spread throughout our great Earth like a wildfire so that midwives like Maryn and Margo could have a greater opportunity to make the world a better place, one family at a time..."

-Mindy, Sedona

You are so wonderful. I just wanted to let you know I think about my birth with Juliet, and feel so, so, so incredibly grateful to have had you and Margo be apart of our story. You created a nurturing and safe environment to foster the birth I NEEDED... just wanted to let you know that R and I both feel blessed to have you in our lives:) ♥ ♥ ♥

-Vanessa, Cottonwood

My husband's promotion moved us to Gila County in my third trimester. After two months of interviewing midwives, receiving less than adequate prenatal care from one and being subjected to their indecisiveness and over-scheduling we had almost given up hope of having a home birth. At 36 weeks, we met with Maryn. We fell in love with her at the start! Her diligence in teaching her clients their options in prenatal care, home birth and after birth care for their newborn is irreplaceable. Her willingness to be available to answer questions and cheerful attitude was and still is invaluable as her caring nature extends through to postpartum care.

-Autumn, Payson

I sought Maryn for both prenatal care and labor & delivery for two separate pregnancies. Maryn offered me/us an abundance of knowledge, in addition to choices and reliability. I can honestly say that there was never a moment in which I did not feel safe in her care.

Maryn is an asset to the Arizona community, and we need more women like her who practice honorably and offer women, like myself, the safe option to birth at home. I support Maryn in her practice as a birth attendant to its fullest capacity. She has given our family options, founded on a basis of encouragement and support that continues, and we look forward to utilizing her services again in the future.

-Amanda, Scottsdale

I am 27 years old and I have known that I would want my children to be born at home for as many years as I knew I wanted a family someday. Maryn made this dream come true. She cared for and guided me, as well as my husband, from the time I was eight weeks pregnant until my son was six weeks old. I cannot imagine having a baby any other way or with anyone else. When I went into labor, my son was posterior and my labor lasted two full days while he turned into the best position and prepared to be born. If I had been in a hospital I would have never been allowed to labor this long and would have been given a C-section. My heart would have been broken. Maryn made me feel safe, informed, and loved during the nine months she cared for my family. She organized group prenatal sessions where I befriended other pregnant women, as well as a childbirth class and a postpartum information group. We never doubted her knowledge and frequently looked to her for advice and support outside of our scheduled appointments. We still look to her as a guide and a friend. There is no one I would rather receive prenatal and postpartum care from and I hope that I will get the chance to have another baby under Maryn’s care in the near future.

-Meghan, Sedona

My daughter and her husband worked with Maryn for the birth of their son Cormac on March 27, 2011. I was very impressed by the level of care my daughter received throughout her pregnancy. Maryn was always available and the care was of a quality that you don’t see given by doctors. She paid special attention to my daughter’s individual needs when it came to diet and nutrition for the health of the mother and the baby. This holistic approach is lacking and it is great to see it returning with women being able to have the choice in how they want to deliver their children and with whom. I think it is very important that midwives are an option and that Maryn is able to continue the good work she has done. Her care extended far beyond just the birth and involved prenatal classes and now post-birth classes as well. This approach supports the parents and the babies as well in achieving optimum health with Maryn’s comprehensive and nurturing care.

-Jill, Sedona

I have always felt that birth is a sacred and private event to be shared between a woman and her partner – not a medical event involving monitors, drugs and bright lights. This is why I chose to have both of my babies at home. Maryn supported and guided me through both of my pregnancies all the while sharing my belief that a woman innately knows how to give birth. She gives you space to own your experience, to sit in your own power and yet you know that she is there to answer any question, to remedy any problem, to be your rock when you think you just can’t do it. Thank you Maryn for the beautiful work you do. We are all blessed to have you.

-Arin, Clarkdale

I look back on my prenatal care with Maryn with great fondness. I learned so much, was so inspired, and did so well growing my perfect daughter Nina because of her. Maryn always supported us and encouraged me to be educated in my decisions. She also gave great guidance in helping me find my own answers. Her clear explanation of the importance of specific nutrition during pregnancy-I've learned- is absent in most prenatal care. I'm so grateful for the education she shared with me.

My strongest evidence of her dedication to support our wishes in pregnancy and birth is in her willingness to use a fetascope exclusively-even during heavy laboring- to avoid the Doppler as we had requested. Her confidence in me to deliver in "3 more pushes", even after hours at home of little "progress" again kept me feeling empowered enough to do actually do it. Every mama should be so lucky to have Maryn walk through this time with her.

-Crystal, Sedona

I love Maryn! I knew from the moment we met that she would be the perfect person to help us welcome our 5th child into the world. She has a very gentle, unobtrusive way about her that exudes calmness and strength, along with plenty of common sense and experience. While small in stature, Maryn has the confidence of a giant. She was willing to do anything it took to help me achieve the healthiest pregnancy possible. I love that all of our appointments were in my home. Not having to find a babysitter for every appointment was wonderful. If we ever have another child I would most definitely chose Maryn to care for me and my baby. I feel like I have found a true friend in Maryn. I am blessed to know her!

-Amy, Cottonwood

Maryn is extremely knowledgable, caring and experienced. Throughout the pregnancy, birth & postpartum visits, she provided us with exactly what we needed and wanted. Maryn is flexible, wise and loving. She assisted me with maintaining trust and confidence in myself, my body & my baby every step of the way.

-Linda, Sedona

It was an honor when I became pregnant to have Maryn at my birth. During the time she provided care to me and my family, I got to see first hand how Maryn truly empowers women and families to have the birth they feel "fits" their individual circumstances while still maintaining a safe birth environment. With each decision that is to be made in birth, Maryn provides families with the options that are available. This truly enabled my family to make safe, informed, decision about our care. I felt that I was heard, and respected. It is the best care I have received. (I have had midwifery care in WA State with a previous birth).

-Sunny, Flagstaff

I switched to Maryn's care half way through my pregnancy and will never regret it. Prenatally, during birth, and postpartum, Maryn provided the best care a woman and her family can ask for. Prenatal care was done in the comfort of our home, on our own bed, where later our baby was born. Maryn adjusted herself to our lives, schedules, and needs so naturally and easily that we couldn’t wait until our next appointment. During the birth Maryn did just what was needed, she was there when I wanted her, and quiet and respectful when I just wanted to be with my husband or by myself. She has a calm and assuring presence which made my birthing experience very positive. Then, after the baby was born, she made sure to continue the excellent care, always answering questions, ready for different scenarios, and just being there for our family. If I birth again I know I will have Maryn by my side once more”.

But my mother's testimony is important too. She was scared about the whole home birth idea until she met Maryn at one of our prenatals. After Maryn walked out the door my mother said “if she could be the birth attendant at every birth I think every woman should have a homebirth.

-Moran, Flagstaff

Looking back, I see how powerful this was (my son's birth), because I believe that ultimately, loving and accepting yourself is really the most important thing in life you can do and the one thing we often have the most trouble with. This birth helped me learn how to better trust my invaluable inner wisdom, power and intelligence. I realize that Maryn was absolutely the right choice for the journey I happen to be on in this life. I hope your birth helps you in a similarly powerful way.

-Sofya, Flagstaff

After a harrowing first birthing experience, and pregnant with our second, thankfully, I met Maryn at a friend’s son’s birthday party. At once I noticed that Maryn exudes tranquility and peace without being passive or wimpy; she is obviously very knowledgeable in her field and her personality is rounded out with a touch of feistiness regarding women’s right to have the birth experience they want. I switched to her care (from doctor's care) immediately. Maryn was a true blessing in the birth of my second. It was delightful and a great bonding experience to be in our home just after the birth and it was so much more peaceful and relaxing than being in the hospital without a doubt! I was wonderfully surprised at the after care as well. She actually came out to my house after the baby was born for check-ups.
Now I am 8 months pregnant with our 3rd – another big surprise- and I was and am delighted to be able to have Maryn be in charge of my care from start to finish with this pregnancy. Having the prenatal care in my house is a fantastic benefit. Maryn has been a great support during this pregnancy answering all of my many questions and concerns without judgment (sometimes more than once), keeping on top of my progress and giving me firm but gentle reminders of what I need to get done by when. As a result I feel very comfortable with having my second home water birth with Maryn and know that I am in very capable hands!

-Tonya, Sedona

Thank you for dedicating your life to delivering babies in a peaceful and healthy way! We need more women like you!

-Melissa, Ohio

Once I met Maryn I knew I wasn't alone in trying to have the healthiest pregnancy I could. She was there for me and she truly cared about my and my baby's health. Ultimately it was my decision on how well my pregnancy went. Maryn was my guide and my friend, not someone that has the "final word" on my health. I believe that if you trust in your body, baby and the birth process, all will go well.

-Linny, Indiana

I don't know what i would have done without Maryn during my last pregnancy. Her love, care, knowledge and wisdom, and even her sense of humour, were so incredibly healing and supportive for me. It was my second pregnancy, and I was attempting to have what the state of Arizona calls a "high risk labour and delivery". I had to hire an out-of-state midwife for the delivery, and she was not going to be here to look after me until only a few weeks before the birth. Maryn knew I was not being cared for prenatally, and wanted to help me any way she could. She knew I was having a particularly challenging pregnancy (ie. all-day nausea, developed strong food sensitivities/allergies, emotional/mental distress from previous cesarean birth experience), and wanted me to feel cared for, looked after and loved. And that's exactly what she did for me. I immediately began feeling more at ease, excited about my pregnancy, my baby....the joys of the experience came back to me. I remembered how much I had enjoyed being pregnant with my first baby, and so began enjoying my second, and finally began connecting with my precious baby. I began feeling much more positive about the upcoming birth of my baby, and began to trust my body to grow and birth a healthy baby again. She empowered me, helped me to empower myself. Maryn suggested that I talk with my baby...ask him to please move to the best birthing position so that our birthing experience may be one of joy together. He heard me! He moved from a breech posterior, which is the position my first baby was in, and no one told me I could change that! I suddenly felt empowered and connected with my baby, just as I did during my first pregnancy, which the "emergency" cesarean (what a joke) had taken away from me. Like we were doing this TOGETHER. I was healing. I felt empowered. Thanks to Maryn. This is the birth attendant, woman, friend, i would want supporting me through any pregnancy and who I would want right by my side during any labour and birth in the future. She is honest, passionate, and stands by her word with honour and integrity. She is a beautiful woman and an incredible birth attendant. Any pregnant woman in her care is a blessed woman.

-Samantha, Sedona

After having our first baby at home with a midwife we loved, I despaired of finding someone for our second birth that would meet my ridiculously high expectations. We almost didn't go with Maryn because of a scheduling conflict, but I KNEW on our first meeting that she was exactly what we were looking for.

Maryn is the perfect mix of guide//co-laborer/sister/expert you could ask for. She never takes away your control or privacy- from the very first meeting to the birth- but always is informative and helpful in presenting ALL the facts and options. She has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom but does not hesitate to guide you in discovering the latest information and facts about every decision you have to make. And that's her specialty- making you realize that you are the one making the decisions, you are the one doing it, and she is there to be at your birth to not only help you have your baby but to figure out what YOU want to do.

Maryn was intuitively exactly what I needed during the birth. I was amazed at how she seemed to know, every moment, what I needed and wanted. We had the lightest, most ridiculously fun labor, and I KNOW that it was that way because Maryn provided a part of the atmosphere needed to make it happen.

If we have another baby, Maryn will once again be by my side. I feel privileged and grateful to have found her.

-Rosie, Flagstaff

First of all I want to thank Maryn for being flexible, without her willingness to work with us, I wouldn't have had the experience of a home birth.
It was wonderful to have Maryn as an advocate, she had great knowledge, passion, and confidence. She has the ability to make you feel empowered in the decision for wanting to go against the "norm" and have a natural home birth. During labor, being able to make the decision on where and what position I gave birth was a relief, Evie Lynn was born posterior at 10:50pm. If I was in the hospital, I more than likely would have had a c-section. Listening to my body and the encouragement from Maryn and my husband made it all worth it. I highly recommend the experience of a home birth, with Maryn at your side.

-Jasmine, Cottonwood

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