Taking Back Birth Episode 2: Pregnancy Begins With Looking to the Inside

In this episode of Taking Back Birth, I take a close look at how to approach early pregnancy.

Here are just a few of the things I discuss...

  • How to set the stage for what your pregnancy is going to be like.
  • Why early pregnancy is such a sacred time and some suggestions for how to care for yourself.
  • What do you need to "do" during early pregnancy to take care of yourself? Find out!

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Click here to download a written transcription PDF of this podcast.

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  • This was a fantastic episode, thank you so much Maryn.  Is the podcast in the iTunes directory?  Would like to leave a rating if it is 🙂

  • indiebirth

    ksburgess -Thank you!  And yes, we are in Itunes and would love a great rating!!:) Thanks so much for your feedback and for listening.:)

  • Jess

    I have been trying to conceive for 3 years as I mentioned in a previous comment. In this time I have been so fortunate to be led to research all aspects of motherhood. It led me down a path of exploring what birth options I would want for myself. I went to husband one day with tears in my eyes, and told him that I was nervous to have a midwife because I had talked to a few and none of them seemed to jive with my super sensitive and spiritual self. He really calmly and matter-of-factly replied, “I’ll be your midwife.” I thought it was so sweet and for a long time I resisted the idea of an Unassisted Birth, because surely “nobody does that”. That was about a year now and slowly, gently, God has been guiding me to explore this again. I’m so glad I found these podcasts. I love that you didn’t even take a pregnancy test with your sixth. My husband has again, many times over said to me – why do even take those? They didn’t have them “back then” why not just let it all unfold naturally. I told him he was crazy a few times. But slowly and gently I’m realizing, I have a very faith-filled, wise husband. Anyways, thanks for your website again. I am enjoying soaking this in.