The Sacred Side of Miscarriage with Sabrina Wolf Moon

In this episode of Taking Back Birth, I talk with Sabrina Wolf Moon about the sacred side of miscarriage.

For more information about Sabrina, visit her website here.

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  • Stephanie Abramovici

    Thank you for the lovely podcast. In June of this year, I had my second miscarriage in a row. My son's heart stopped beating at 13 and a half weeks. After 2 and half weeks of waiting for his earthly body to pass, and some heavy conversations with our baby,my water broke. My beautiful son Gabriel was born outside in nature shortly after, on a remarkable overlook on the most beautiful summer evening. It was powerful and healing. My husband and I have never felt more deeply connected then from this experience of meeting our son. The deeply spiritual lessons I learned are not something that I can share with many people, and I appreciate the conversation.

  • So many hugs to you, Stephanie. I understand as well, and had a similar (but different) experience; also of a son. You can read it here if you wish! Love, Maryn