"The Baby's NOT Coming!" A Webinar on Prolonged Labor

"The Baby's NOT Coming!"

A Webinar on Prolonged Labor

margolaborsmallNow that Margo has joined the "long labor" club, we are excited to present a special online class on the subject! We've helped and supported many women through "prolonged labor," and would like to share our experience, knowledge and inspiration with you.

So, what do we do when babies don't just "fall out"?

This class is for ANYONE that wants to learn about:

  • WHY a long labor might occur
  • How to prepare prenatally for a possible long labor
  • How to prepare a partner (or support person) for a possible long labor
  • What makes a labor "prolonged," and differences of interpretation
  • How to transform a long labor into a positive experience, and how to keep mama and baby HAPPY!
  • Things you MUST have in your toolbox
  • How long is TOO LONG...what are the risks?
  • Choices you may make during a long labor
  • The "legalities" of a prolonged labor
  • Our favorite RESOURCES!

The truth is, we cannot PREDICT who will have a "long labor"...so best to be prepared, whether it is you, or a woman you are supporting!

The cost of this class is $40 and you will get online access immediately:


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