How to Have an Indie Birth

How to Have an Indie Birth

Choose To OWN Your Birth


"The "How to Have an Indie Birth" series of 5 classes offered by Maryn and Margo was by far the best way to invest our time during this pregnancy. Books and videos are wonderful, but nothing compares to live face-to-face education. The sequential organization of classes, as well as the detailed class content were top notch. I walked away with useful information that will last me a lifetime. I think it's very worthy to mention that this class is an excellent option to take with your partner and older children. It levels the knowledge playing field so that everyone who will be involved in the birth has the same standard of information. Maryn and Margo have a very patient and empowering demeanor, which makes them the perfect instructors for a class like this. I would highly recommend it!!"

"Maryn and Margo provided a truly stellar birth class for me. I am a mother of two children already, and I had taken 3 birth classes in the past. I am surprised by how much more informed I feel now about the process of birth. I always had a knowing that my body knew what to do, and now I understand that to be absolutely true. The class was open and explorative as well as packed full of useful information. Thank you so much for expanding my awareness of pregnancy and birth well over what I expected!"

"Attending these classes("How to Have an Indie Birth") gave me the information I needed and helped me to find the wisdom and courage inside myself to help my baby come peacefully and perfectly into the world. I wish every woman could take these classes! Maryn and Margo are informed, compassionate and empowering and will help you to be the same around birth!"

"The Indie Birth 5 week class was great and totally refreshing. I went in with a full cup and poured more and more out to refill with some great information on the normalcy of birth and pregnancy. Being UP has also been a huge source of inspiration for me- I wasn't just preaching "pregnancy is not a sickness "... I was living it. I loved how down to earth the podcasts are and the classes were. I love how accessible Maryn has been for me and I feel like she's truly a friend who cares and is cheering me on. Overall, this pregnancy and the people I've invited into it- including indiebirth..has been the best healing process ever for me.
Highly highly suggest the class! And the podcasts. And I also had my husband go through the class which was amazing- I can now talk birth with him and his eyes don't glaze over! And he talks to other people about birth and defends a mama's intuition. It's wonderful and Maryn and Margo are awesome!"

"I am on week four and we purchased the course two weeks ago. I am 31 weeks. I feel like every pregnant woman should take this course over all other birthing classes. It's about trusting yourself and your body, feeling empowered in the birthing process. So far all of my questions are answered and some I didn't even know about!! I wish I had this resource three years ago with my first. I feel like now that I am educated and empowered I will be having an amazing healing birth this time around."

"I came into this class feeling pretty prepared for birth. I had read many books on pregnancy, delivery, midwifery and birth. I felt that I had a pretty good grasp on things and this class would be somewhat supplemental. I was wrong. I had a grasp on the science of birth, but not on the power and heart of birth. What this class has taught me to do, is let go of all the technical information that I have studied and tap into my womanly instincts as a mother. I am so incredibly grateful to Maryn and Margo. I feel now that I am truly prepared in my heart to deliver my baby into the world in the most peaceful and respectful way possible."

"The class on "undisturbed birth" empowers women to take the reins back on their own pregnancy/labor experience. The information is real, honest, and down to earth, much like the instructors. You learn to cut through all the unnecessary confusion and create a clear vision for yourself that is in-tune to your individual needs. This class has calmed many of my fears being a first time mother and has given me the confidence to trust the wisdom of my own body."

"How to Have an Indie Birth" has been a wealth of very important information which is helping me to understand (and choose!) the natural process of pregnancy and birth, and re-learn what my body is capable of doing without the westernized medical world getting involved. Maryn brings a ton of experience, both personally and professionally to the floor, and I feel so grateful to have her in my corner. I feel hopeful and more confident in choosing natural childbirth than I ever did before."

"The "How to Have an Indie Birth" series gives voice to what my intuition knows to be true about birth! Birth is simple, natural, and works best undisturbed. I have had one beautiful home birth, and now for my second I feel even more confident and supported in asking for what I need to create a gentle, loving birth space for my baby and me."

""I kept thinking there was more I had to do. But in learning about birth, I'm realizing how much I DON'T have to do. And knowing as much as I can about it helps me be able TO not do anything" (from the husband of one of our enrollees). ?

Are you interested in discovering how your birth can be the most powerful experience of your life?

First, you must own it. And we'd like to help.

Regardless of where, how or with whom, we want to share with you what we know. Some age-old knowledge, some new; ALL information focuses on what makes birth a remarkable experience for the mama AND the baby. How can we plan for an "Indie Birth"? The next generation is counting on us to learn all we can, connect all we can, and embark upon our birth and mothering experience with all the wisdom that can be afforded us.

The five weeks include:

  • Week 1: Empowered Pregnancy and Prenatal Care; What is an "Indie Birth"?
  • Week 2: "Undisturbed Birth" and What Makes Labor "Work"
  • Week 3: Rethinking the Stages of Labor (10 centimeters?) + Labor and Birth Physiology
  • Week 4: Navigating the Journey Through Labor + Coping Philosophies
  • Week 5: (And Perhaps the Most Important..) Life in the Postpartum – The Fourth Trimester

The series can be accessed ANYTIME ONLINE. The series runs for 5 weeks with each class lasting about 2 - 2.5 hours. Each week you will have access to the next class.

Registration for the class is $300.

Your fee includes 5 pre-recorded classes by Maryn and Margo, a 60+ page handbook, and unlimited email access to Maryn and Margo during the duration of the class series. There will also be a forum or Facebook group to allow attendees to meet each other, ask questions, share, etc.

***If you are local to us in Northern Arizona, this class is also offered in person when we get together enough interested students. Contact us to get more information at

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