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"How to Have an Indie Birth" ONLINE CLASS

Are you interested in discovering how your birth can be the most powerful experience of your life? First, you must own it. And we’d like to help.

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After Birth: A Study Course on Postpartum Hemorrhage

Whether you are a mama, or a midwifery student, or even an experienced birth worker who wants to explore the ins and out of postpartum hemorrhage... this is for you. Watch Maryn’s short video explaining the 4 areas of exploration of this online course. Once you register, you can complete it at your own pace, when it works for you to explore all that we have set up.

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DIY Prenatal Skills Mini-Course

Have you ever wondered how, why, and when certain things like urine strips or fundal height would be necessary in pregnancy? Or are they?

Do you know how to properly perform these “skills”, and do you know what the potential “results” mean, and how to respond to what you might find?

This mini course is for women who are choosing to do their own prenatal care as well as for women that want to be more empowered and informed in the process of conventional prenatal care. Childbirth educators, doulas and and midwifery students would benefit from this discussion too!

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The Indie Birth Doula Project

If you are a doula, childbirth educator or serve women in birth in any way, this online training is for you! We want to teach and inspire you to change the paradigm of birth with us, one birth at a time.

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The 90 Minute Guide to Having a Waterbirth

Get the information you need to prepare for your waterbirth.

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Avoiding Primary or Repeat Cesareans: Everything You Need to Know and What They Won’t Tell

Come learn the truth about the rising rate of cesarean sections in the US and what you can do to avoid having one yourself. This class will benefit women who have never had a c-section as well as those planning VBACs after any number of previous c-sections.

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The Birth Revolution Webinar

The Birth Revolution begins NOW. Join us for this powerful presentation that gets to the heart of the matter when it comes to birth and what is going on in the U.S. We are going to make it crystal clear that reclaiming your power in birth isn’t about the PLACE you birth or with WHOM, but about the underlying principles and philosophy you use to make those choices. This will be a fascinating and eye opening class that will finally give you “the material” to understand birth politics… and help you discover how to make a choice for yourself, or support others in their choices.

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The Baby's Not Coming! A Webinar on Prolonged Labor

We’ve helped and supported many women through “prolonged labor,” and would like to share our experience, knowledge and inspiration with you.

So, what do we do when babies don’t just “fall out”?

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