Indie Birth Wise Woman Circle


A Community to Support You as You Walk the Way of the Wise Woman

An online, year-round community for you to KEEP learning and KEEP connected to everyone and everything Indie Birth through monthly calls and daily support

For all of those that believe in what we are doing here at Indie Birth...we are offering you membership in our Wise Woman Circle; an online all-year-round community for you to KEEP learning and KEEP connected to everyone and everything Indie Birth!

We have created a close-knit, online community for learning opportunities (as well as personal growth) for midwives, student midwives, doulas and women that would like to be exposed to our perspective, teaching methods, philosophy and training. The people that are called to this community are those that love to learn, want a "sisterhood" of support and guidance, and want to be a part of creating and becoming the New-Paradigm midwife. of Birth...sage femme....wise many words to describe what we are and always have been. We honor our past, our strength, wisdom and power. And we combine it with everything we need NOW; fearlessness, love, a desire to question politics and authority, a desire to challenge ourselves and women so that we may ALL reclaim what it is our birthright.

(All members of this Wise Woman Circle will be added to a secret Facebook group. Please find Maryn Green or Margo Blackstone on Facebook; or search for Indie Birth Wise Women Circle, a secret Facebook group.)

The Way of the Sage, of the Wise Woman is What We Hope to Offer You

The wise woman is grounded, intuitive, knowledgeable about ALL of her options and has the confidence and support to walk confidently by herself or with others. The wise woman is the force behind pregnancy, birth, motherhood and that of our elders. This is the complex figure that has for so long been known as "midwife". It is ancient, and although current "midwifery" practice has forgotten this, we have not!

As a main part of our Circle offerings, we are creating and producing paid, monthly teaching phone calls (classes may be audio and/or visual) that may be of interest to those learning about traditional midwifery, as well as the current issues and protocols that affect us as WOMEN and the women we serve (or will eventually serve). ALL CLASSES ARE VIRTUAL AND A RECORDING WILL BE AVAILABLE IF YOU MISS IT LIVE. Think of these as informal, mini-conference sessions with both new and returning teachers.

We Believe That the Knowledge Required to be a Conscious Birth Attendant is Varied and Deep

What better than being able to access the wisdom of so many different topics and teachers on a monthly basis? We know your mind and spirit will be expanded with every class; we know you will be inspired and more importantly, go away wanting to learn more and explore all these areas.

Maryn and Margo will be offering sessions but mostly pulling in other amazing people we want you to be exposed to! Also scheduled are other midwives, birth workers, alternative health providers, authors etc. that offer a relevant and interesting topic that we would love students (or anyone!) to explore.

We will also feature surprise, or "bonus" teachers throughout the year, that you will not find teaching anywhere else!

“The journey of self-discovery is never-ending. You have to surround yourself with people who understand or are working on understanding similar concepts around society and spirituality." (Nahko)

Teachers include:

  • Dr. Stuart Fishbein, OB/GYN (and fellow wiseman)
  • Gail Hart, midwife and elder
  • Vickie Taylor-Breheim, retired midwife
  • Augustine Colebrook, CPM
  • Melinda McCoy, midwife
  • Emily Render-Graham, traditional midwife
  • Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC
  • Stephanie Dawn, Sacred Birth educator/Sacred Business coach
  • Kate Stewart, licensed acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine practitioner
  • Rachelle Garcia-Seliga, CPM and postpartum specialist
  • Ruth Goldberg, CNM
  • Laura Shanley, author of "Unassisted Childbirth"
  • Arielle Greenberg, poet and home birthing mother
  • Radha Schwaller, Ayurvedic practitioner
  • Lisa Gillispie, CST/Restorative Exercise Specialist
  • Maryn Green, birthkeeper/CPM
  • Margo Blackstone, birthkeeper

Class topics may include critique of research in midwifery, nutrition in pregnancy, miscarriage, vaginal health in pregnancy, fertility awareness, herbal knowledge, homeopathics, creating a birth "business", VBAC, postpartum care, prenatal skills, hypertension, GBS, water birth, PROM/PPROM, assessing labor without vaginal exams, jaundice, licensing, essential oils, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, ayurvedic postpartum, tongue/lip ties, transport from home to hospital and likely many, many, many more.

Our goal and passion is to create a wise community and educate and support as many women that are drawn to our philosophy as possible. Because of that, we are offering a full year of membership in this circle for only $99.

Your investment includes:

  • monthly talk/class by one of our experts, recording always available PLUS a complete archive of each and every call!
  • significant discount on other online teaching calls offered by our experts. We have hired experts like Gail Hart, Karen Strange, etc. to teach multiple hour, visual online presentations. The cost of these classes (that anyone can register for) is at least 50% more for those that are NOT members of the WWC
  • interactive conversations, connections, question/answer on our secret Facebook group
  • 20% discount on any 2016 (or future) Indie Birth webinar for as long as you are a member
  • VIP prices for our next Indie Birth Conference, and first notice on who, what and when!
  • Personal consult/feedback/support from Maryn and Margo
  • a close knit community of wise, loving women from all over the world that believe and desire the same things you do!
  • free Indie Birth podcasts for as long as you are a member of our Circle

When you subscribe to The Wise Woman Circle, you will receive access for $99 per year. Do nothing, and at the end of the first year, your subscription will automatically renew at the same subscription price. You may cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us.