Avoiding Primary or Repeat Cesareans: Everything You Need to Know and What They Won't Tell You

Avoiding Primary or Repeat Cesareans

Everything You Need to Know and What They Won't Tell You

Come learn the truth about the rising rate of cesarean sections in the US and what you can do to avoid having one yourself. This class will benefit women who have never had a c-section as well as those planning VBACs after any number of previous c-sections. We'll talk about:
  • the history and politics behind the climbing cesarean rate
  • rethinking the way we talk about risk
  • how to know which cesareans are actually necessary and when they definitely aren't (hint: most aren't)
  • why the cesarean rate is climbing and what we think will turn it around
  • the true anatomy and physiology of birth as it relates to the major excuses given for cesarean sections
  • how to figure out what you want and what your options are
  • in depth discussion about planning your birth to optimize your chances of a physiologic, vaginal birth, whether you are trying to avoid a first c-section or are planning a VBAC after 3 cesareans.

Cost of class, including handouts: $40