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The Indie Birth Association is a Private Health Membership Group. This means that to receive holistic care throughout your pregnancy, to participate in a personal consultation via Skype or phone and/or a local birth attendant at your birth, you must join our membership group.

Becoming a member of Indie Birth Association gives you access to all the knowledge, education, resources, supplies and support that you could possibly need in planning a homebirth in Northern Arizona...or anywhere in the world. We provide education, consultations, classes. We provide traveling birth attendant services for women that want us to attend their birth, anywhere in the world (schedule allowing of course). The group has structured membership levels (contact us for more information) so that you can have access to whatever you need.

As a 1st/14th Amendment private health membership group, we keep all of your information private and we have freedom to serve you as you see fit. The laws that restrict midwifery care in Arizona do not apply to our members as this is a private (not public) group. Please contact us with any questions and/or to obtain more information about Indie Birth Association.

We are not licensed by any State midwifery organization. We provide midwifery services only to private members. Contact us to inquire about membership!

Maryn Green, CPM/Traditional Birth Attendant/Indie Birth Publisher/Trustee

My journey into birth actually began with the birth of my first child, albeit in a hospital. I did not even know that homebirth was an option, but I was frustrated with the hospital experience I ended up having. With my second child, I was introduced to the idea of birthing at home by my doula, who could see no other option for me- given how "stuck" I was on wanting things to be unhindered, uncomplicated and the safest, most loving experience for my baby.

Needless to say, my homebirth was everything I needed and wanted, as a woman and a mother. I have gone on to have three more midwife attended births, TWO amazing freebirths/unassisted births and one late miscarriage at home. I am passionate about helping to INFORM women, to educate them and support them on their path; and to help them make their own decisions both before, during and after birth. I strive to strike the balance between what I know intellectually and what I "know" intuitively.

I believe that birth is inherently safe, and that most women and babies are more than capable and willing to be born without a lot of fiddling from someone else. I support women that would like a "Midwife" in the purest sense of the word. I believe that women know how to birth and that babies know how to be born. In this culture, sometimes we need to be reminded of our power and our potential as women. I cannot give anyone empowerment; I only try and show you a reflection of what is already right inside of you. I feel divinely lucky to be a part of the life cycle so intimately.

I was educated in the apprenticeship model, and completed a 4 year apprenticeship beginning in Chicago and ending in Arizona. I've completed formal midwifery studies and obtained a midwifery license in Arizona. As a result, I had my own homebirth midwifery practice, Red Rock Midwifery as an Arizona Licensed Midwife from 2009-2012. I have held the Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) certification since 2009.

After 3 years as a medical midwife (licensed midwife), I saw very clearly that my birth philosophy and my role in women's lives no longer fit into the "licensed midwife" model. In my opinion, this model uses outdated research evidence (as well as cultural myths!) to create rules and regulations that determine where women are "allowed" to birth and with whom. Ironically, these regulations do not ensure safety nor do they protect women or babies. I believe so strongly that pregnancy and birth are natural, private events, and that the government should have little to no involvement in these decisions. I do maintain current certifications in Neonatal Resuscitation and CPR and haven't left behind any of the knowledge, expertise and experience I gained as a licensed midwife. In fact, I believe the bar is much higher now, and I continue to study and learn and ask questions every day of my life. I no longer practice as a "licensed midwife" in Arizona but prefer the term "traditional birth attendant" or even "birthkeeper".

Women deserve a birth option that is NOT black and white. "Medicalized midwifery", hospital birth and freebirth are NOT the only options. We provide an option that integrates support, love, knowledge, research and intuition, and allows women to birth at home with the most comprehensive support available.

I believe the great Jeanne Parvati Baker illustrates my point most clearly:

"I coined the term
-- to marry EARTHKEEPERS and BIRTH

EarthKeeper is a word
for Eco-activists
as well as holders of the sacred Earth-based wisdoms.

Midwives can be the same,
yet the term "Midwife" has been usurped by MEDwives
and other medically-based perinatal professionals.

At this point in time on Turtle Island,
Midwifery is an endangered species.

Too many Midwives
have identified with the oppressor,
learned to speak the conquerers language,
and otherwise been vanquished to emerge as
obstetrically-trained "Medwives".

In other words,
many Midwives have given up being
guardians and keepers of natural birth at home,
in order to survive as professionals."

In that light, we do not offer "midwifery services" but that of birth consultants, birthkeepers, birth attendants..or whatever else you want to call it. Women guides have also been available to other women during birth and we are honored to carry on this ancient tradition.

We also provide classes and one-on-one consultations (in person, Skype or phone) for private members only.

The private membership association I founded is called the Indie Birth Association. We are a collective group of women that support women's choices in birth, and we have varying education and support levels depending on what you require. I believe that birth is about the women; the mothers and their babies, not about the midwives or the doctors. Women own birth. As I watch women take back birth on a daily basis, a little part of my soul gets renewed. I have hope for birth and for our future generations to be born in love, peace and kindness.

In addition, I am the co-founder of the Indie Birth Midwifery School, a school that is creating more midwives that truly serve the families. I co-direct the annual Indie Birth Midwifery Conference, and somehow find time to continue to attend homebirths both here in Northern Arizona and around the world. I am a lifelong student, always learning; I graduated from AAMI in 2012 with honors.

I live with my husband of 17 years and our 7 children. Life is good!

Margo Nelson, Birth Attendant/Indie Birth Editor/Trustee

margo headshot I came to the world of pregnancy, birth and babies by way of serendipity and a deep inner calling before ever being pregnant myself. During my college years, I was focused on the history and strategies of social justice activism, women’s personal and collective empowerment, and the development of my personal vision for a healthy, sustainable and just community. Then, in my first semester of graduate school, I began intensely studying the legislation of midwifery and mothers’ childbirth choices in the US from a reproductive rights perspective.

As I learned more about the current state of pregnancy and birth, I saw very clearly the ways in which the state, the medical world, and the powers that be are actively trying to control and subdue the elemental forces of pregnancy and childbirth. I saw that like anything powerful and meaningful, pregnancy and birth were being watered down, and made to fit into the current societal mold.

I quickly realized that rather than writing academic papers about all of this, I wanted to be help spread the truth about women’s power in birth, and about the incredible revolutionary potential of empowered childbirth.

So I caught the birth bug, met Maryn, and started joining her on all kinds of birthy adventures. I haven’t been able to stop reading, talking or writing about birth since (remember this before inviting me to dinner!).

Near the end of my apprenticeship (as one of my final projects 🙂 ), my partner Russell and I welcomed our own baby, Celosia Pearl in our funky little trailer in Oak Creek Canyon.

After 5 years of apprenticing and lots of hemming and hawing I began calling myself a traditional midwife in the spring of 2016. Shortly after, my family moved to Duluth, Minnesota where I started my midwifery practice Duluth Midwife.

I believe (and the science shows!) that birth is safest for mother and baby when left undisturbed. I also believe that the family and the community should honor birth on every level - as a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social event. As communities, we should be concerned about the mother-baby’s bonding and attachment, the breastfeeding relationship and long-term health and well being.

I absolutely love witnessing and learning from women as they expand their own power through empowered birth, and I know in my heart that these transformations have the potential to change the world!!!

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